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WELL. another successful venture to the recording studio environment. i got down to orlando to T-Jerks house and got right down to business putting down bass guitar tracks all over the fuckin’ place… until ol’ T-Dvb showed his happy ass up, with Melissa in tow. we got down to business and tom laid down some ov the sickest vocals i’ve EVER heard him do. his performances on SERPENTINE HAIKU, AURA OV FLAME, and the two new ones are especially bestial and raw, but every song came out amazing. he really put it the fuck down. the new song “THRASH BANDICOOT” (working title) is complete now; vocals, guitar solo and all. we got some stellar new lyrics from our grizzly grape bassist, Jamie Oulman, and put em right to work on the new jams. GOOD JOB GUYS. i mean seriously, Tom did two brand new songs he’d never even really heard played together the whole way thru, not to mention it was the first time he’d seen the lyrics to the songs too.

surprisingly, this is the first time we’ve recorded (or done any major band activity) where tom hasn’t suffered an attack from the “GIGGLE DEMON”, which seizes control ov his soul and makes him convulsively laugh like a hyena on CRACK COCAINE for a good 15 minutes at a time. it’s a hoot and a holler to behold, but it looks like it might be pretty uncomfortable to endure.

also notable to this session: TJ and I hipping each other to new forms ov fabulous ghetto music. this time he put me on to that new “Crunch and Munch” by Mike Jones which is literally a Crunch and Munch commercial, using it’s post-marijuana consumption benefits as it’s strongest selling point. also, he put me on to the ridiculous “I’m So Hood” video which i’m not even gonna explain, you should just search it out on youtube. that is if you wanna see some amazingly ignorant ghetto shit (which i do from time to time).

we didn’t drink near as much beer (or whiskey) this time around. i guess that’s cuz Chris wasn’t there. HA! but yeah, we kept it pretty mellow, save for the amazing cannabis intake we managed to throw down. all in a day’s work. but seriously, i played my ass off, whipped out an amazing guitar solo that surprised even me, and managed to rip out a bunch ov gnarly vocal tracks as well. and THEN we did a quick mixdown ov everything so as i could have a CD to bump on the ride home. i’d say that’s pretty good for being there from 2pm to Midnight.

so the album is nearing completion, and it’s coming out KILLER. i might redo some vocal tracks, add a bit more guitar, and record all my moog tracks, and then we’ll be ready to mix this fucker. i don’t have any pictures from the studio this time either, cuz i always fuckin’ forget. but whatever. you should just be stoked that i’m telling you about it at all, right?



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