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WELL. another successful venture to the recording studio environment. i got down to orlando to T-Jerks house and got right down to business putting down bass guitar tracks all over the fuckin’ place… until ol’ T-Dvb showed his happy ass up, with Melissa in tow. we got down to business and tom laid down some ov the sickest vocals i’ve EVER heard him do. his performances on SERPENTINE HAIKU, AURA OV FLAME, and the two new ones are especially bestial and raw, but every song came out amazing. he really put it the fuck down. the new song “THRASH BANDICOOT” (working title) is complete now; vocals, guitar solo and all. we got some stellar new lyrics from our grizzly grape bassist, Jamie Oulman, and put em right to work on the new jams. GOOD JOB GUYS. i mean seriously, Tom did two brand new songs he’d never even really heard played together the whole way thru, not to mention it was the first time he’d seen the lyrics to the songs too.

surprisingly, this is the first time we’ve recorded (or done any major band activity) where tom hasn’t suffered an attack from the “GIGGLE DEMON”, which seizes control ov his soul and makes him convulsively laugh like a hyena on CRACK COCAINE for a good 15 minutes at a time. it’s a hoot and a holler to behold, but it looks like it might be pretty uncomfortable to endure.

also notable to this session: TJ and I hipping each other to new forms ov fabulous ghetto music. this time he put me on to that new “Crunch and Munch” by Mike Jones which is literally a Crunch and Munch commercial, using it’s post-marijuana consumption benefits as it’s strongest selling point. also, he put me on to the ridiculous “I’m So Hood” video which i’m not even gonna explain, you should just search it out on youtube. that is if you wanna see some amazingly ignorant ghetto shit (which i do from time to time).

we didn’t drink near as much beer (or whiskey) this time around. i guess that’s cuz Chris wasn’t there. HA! but yeah, we kept it pretty mellow, save for the amazing cannabis intake we managed to throw down. all in a day’s work. but seriously, i played my ass off, whipped out an amazing guitar solo that surprised even me, and managed to rip out a bunch ov gnarly vocal tracks as well. and THEN we did a quick mixdown ov everything so as i could have a CD to bump on the ride home. i’d say that’s pretty good for being there from 2pm to Midnight.

so the album is nearing completion, and it’s coming out KILLER. i might redo some vocal tracks, add a bit more guitar, and record all my moog tracks, and then we’ll be ready to mix this fucker. i don’t have any pictures from the studio this time either, cuz i always fuckin’ forget. but whatever. you should just be stoked that i’m telling you about it at all, right?




just got back from orlando, florida, where our good friend T.J. Burke (drummer for the indie rock sensation Kingsbury aka KANGBERRY) lives. we went there because he has a recording studio in his house to record a full length album for THEE KVLT OV OUROBOROS so it would sound really fucking good. and so far, IT DOES. T.J. did a bang up engineering job, despite the amount ov cannabis we made him ingest, and the drums sound like thunderdick. oh yeah… the groove was in the heart.

we recorded i think 9 total songs, all the drums and scratch bass tracks, and we even recorded the as-yet-unnamed new thrashy fast d-beat joint as well. we’ll be going back to do more tracking in a couple ov weeks. it’s turning out so well that i am certain a vinyl release will be in order. and hopefully there will be a live DVD to go with it, featuring footage from our last show at wayward council. but don’t go getting too excited…. it’s gonna end up taking a long time to finish, but it’s gonna be so fucking worth it.

just you wait.

seshie thanks go to T.J (you are fucking rad, dude), Bruce (even in your absence… feel better, bub), Chris (you kicked fucking anushole in this sesh, bruh), Peter (for tolerating the NOISE), Canadian Mist, Plastic Miller Lite bottles, Atwater IPA, Grolsch Light lager, That Dank, Taco Inferno, Winter Park Diner (they serve fucking SCRAPPLE… barf!), and 1 cup 2 girls dot com.



that’s right folks. we didn’t think it was gonna happen, logistically, but due to events out ov our hands, a scheduling opening presented itself to us, and we are gonna take and run with it. we’re going down to Orlando, FL to record with Bruce Reid and his trusted accomplice T.J. it should be a bang-up massive throatchoke ov putrid dirty kvlt metal. i hope this news excites everyone else as much as it does me. the following established songs are DEFINITELY going to be recorded:


there’s a strong possibility that we will record the definitive version ov THEE HORDE DECENDS, and we also have a brand new never-performed song that has been completely finished; a fast, thrashy, d-beat extravaganza that is both bestial and melodic interchangeably. we also have another jam that isn’t quite finished, but might probably get recorded anyways. and expect another “meditation” styled drone jam on there too.

SataniK Recordings has every intention ov putting this out on vinyl, as lavishly packaged as we can possibly afford, and with some splacktackular artwork to make your fascination wretch forth a pearly pustule ov trepidation, tempered with approval. i know we put it out there that the new album was gonna be called GVTS, to compliment our earlier EP effort, BLVD. but who knows? maybe it will still be called GVTS, with some artwork to compliment that… and some entrails-colored vinyl… and an ouroboros pentagram logo embroidered patch… and a THEE KVLT “tame the fires ov hell” branded squirt gun… and a double A1 sized poster ov a chalk outline ov a roadkill platypus with the guts strewn about the road… fuckin’ die hard.

okay. enough. get ready.

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