greetings from the other side ov our 2011 HOT GRAVES Mardi Gras Weekend Warrior Spring Tour. let me just tell you, it was a drunken, thrashed-out blast. a quick re-cap: Tallahassee is, as it ever was, kinda lame for us to play. the venue was an all ages (pretty cool), no alcohol (not cool) type layout, and there were 6 total bands booked (too many). the first band Dickkicker were pretty damn awesome, i must say. we had a decent show, if a bit plagued by technical difficulties on my end. i’m sure no one knew, but i was bugging out about it. we had fun tho, and hung out next door at the Engine Room (where a good buddy ov mine was kind enough to put us on the list with drink specials, and later put us up for the night.. big up Greg Powell) where our new merch roadie Gabe, Hutch, and myself boogied down and mingled it up until the crack o’ 3AM. it was quite fun, Matt missed it, ol’ sleepin’ in the van and bullshit.

next morning brought an early wake up and a 7 hour drive to Baton Rouge, LA. our brand spanking new tour van came equipped with two captains chairs up front and nothing else but space, so we threw a small couch in there from matt’s house along with all our gear, and still had plenty ov space to stretch out and enjoy the ride comfortably cloudy. speaking ov, it fuckin’ rained like donkey dickpiss on us most ov the way into Louisiana, and the town was thoroughly soaked and covered in castaway colorful beads from the Spanish Down parade (themed with bright pink flamingos everywhere, i thought it was a welcoming party for us Flooridian pinkthrashers). we show up to the house where the show is. it’s a house, some kids live there, and we have to move furniture around to make room to have the show inside because the garage/shed out back where the show was supposed to take place is soaked down and dangerous. what ends up happening is an amazingly fun show where the kids just went buckwild for every band and gave it their all all night, getting happily trashed along the way. it was fun and exuberant, and the pics below might show you that as well. shout out to BHANG KHANG and STRUGGLEBEAR for being awesome and putting on a great show.

well, being so close to New Orleans so close to Mardi Gras meant that there was no crashing out ov any way in Baton Rouge. no, we headed off to NOLA at 11:30 PM with just the number ov the guy who booked the show (who as it turns out is part owner ov the venue and singer ov the awesomely raw and rude TIREFIRE), and a hope that he’d text us back and be down to party a bit. he texted us back, we met him, and a whirlwind ov debauchery, fun, and mayhem ensued that may or may not have included some or none ov the following: a party at Quintron’s house where Thee Oh See’s played and punched a guy out (he was wearing all white and was covered in blood when i saw him), closing down multiple bars in a row, finding show booking guy passed out on the kitchen floor ov his venue, him crashing in the van and pissing his pants, rapping about fellatio and dude balls, walking around the NOLA streets with bloody mary’s, eating crawfish po boys / red beands & rice w/ smoked sausage / jambalaya / gumbo / etc. at Coop’s, daiquiris to go from Daiquiris, rickety truckbed rides, endless joints, endless beers, endless shots, Sammy Duet being awesome / hilarious / ball-busting to the maxx, Haarp and Rwake being heavy and amazing and fun to party with, broken string onstage / borrowed B.C. Rich Warlock (shout out TIREFIRE), Rwake doing “The Ghoul” by Pentagram super awesome, blackout drunken bar closedown until 8AM, wakeup 10:30AM having no clue where Hutch and I were, or where Matt and Gabe were, figuring all that out and being still drunk diving out ov NOLA at 11:30 AM with damn near all ov our possessions intact. and that’s about it.

big thanks to Farside Collective, Greg, Bhang Khang, Strugglebear, Baton Rouge folks, Matt Russell & Tirefire, Haarp, Rwake, everyone who gave us food / bought merch / gave us drinks / partied down with us, Mike Magarelli for letting me borrow his amp, and Gabe Howe for merch roadie amp lending awesomeness, and speaking ov.. here’s some pics that Gabe took on the road.

baton rouge telephone pole


baton rouge house show rock out

more baton rouge

gettin' buck in baton rouge

NOLA strollin'

mardi gras madness

we were sinning big time, apparently

NOLA swag.

hot graves merch table spread

Haarp rockin'

hot graves NOLA ferocity

in the zone

swagmaster Gabe

fun times… HOT GRAVES has sites you need to get down with if you support th’ GRAVES. click away, goatfolk…

HOT GRAVES facebook, you know you’re on facebook.

HOT GRAVES Reverbnation page, some tracks, videos, info… never EVER go to our myspace page again, thank you very much.

new interview with HOT GRAVES from Beyond The Dark Horizon magazine… a peek inside the minds that brought you such classics as “I Claim Your Blood (In The Night)” and “Metalblaster”.

HOT GRAVES Bandcamp page, where you can download our upcoming 7″ DESECRATION TIME which will be soon out on GREYHAZE RECORDS, which we are very excited about. more news on that later, until then… click away, and thank you for your support.


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