satanik summer cool down…

well… HOT GRAVES went on tour, played some great shows, sold some stuff, and came home to do some more recording. and HOT GRAVES will continue to record and get releases ready well into the Autumn time (which we don’t actually get down here in Floorida). We recorded 3 songs that are not on the 15 song full length for an upcoming split with tourmates OCCULTIST from Richmond, VA. Well, 2 ov them shall be for that, and another song was just a brand new ripper we wanted to document right quick, and it came out KILLER (with lyrics and final arrangement being thrown together in the studio that day). Now we’re set to record our covers compilation, and that should be great fun. Just you wait.

but, in the meantime.. check out tour exploits: for example, a write-up on Brooklyn Vegan about our show with Floorida longtime heros FLOOR and NYC bros/legends UNEARTHLY TRANCE, as well as new buddies JAVELINA (which you can visit here – http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2010/06/floor_unearthly.html

a video ov HOT GRAVES performing “WORSHIP THE GOAT” below:

a video from our full length recording sessions at Gay Beach for the song “BLOOD ERUPTION”:

in other awesome HOT GRAVES news, we got picked by FENRIZ on DARKTHRONE’s Band ov the Week blog series.. as you may realize, this is quite an honor for us, being HUGE fucking Darkthrone fans for a good long time now. you can see this post here : FENRIZ’ BAND OV THEE WEEK – HOT GRAVES!!

and you should also check out our page, there’s new songs uploaded – “THIS IS FOR YOU” is from our most recent recording, not two weeks old as ov this writing. click here : HOT GRAVES MYSPAZZ PAGE!!

and that’s all for right now. the EVSTIIS CD’s are gone for now. i’ll press some more when i’m not broke. CHEERS!


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