it has been a very long time in the making, but the EVSTIIS album “The Enemy Unmasked” is finally finished and ready to be pressed. The waiting was in the final thrusts ov inspiration, and it was well worth it, for the final artwork and mastering are at once in synchronicity and up to our Satanik standard. Check out the front cover…

fuck yes

here is a little video i put together to introduce you to the sound and look…

so sayeth the press scribe…

EVSTIIS is a collaborative effort between two persons drawn together by an urge to create music which purveys a feral beauty. As such, the only real reference points in terms ov influence for the sound ov this project would be the ongoing work ov Ulver, and the recordings ov Les Legiones Noire from France. The influence ov Black Metal can be found in not only the ferocious banging segments, but the overall sonority and feel ov the music, in general. The sound combines somber piano passages warped with dub-style effects that intertwine with agonized guitar dronings and strummings, sometimes leading you along forcefully, sometimes allowing you to drift in the ether. Organ clouds drifting above a violent, volcanic sea ov strangled guitar strings. There is a beautiful, droning, ambient element to be found, along with certain passages that have “drums” and tap into the feral, visceral aspects ov the Black Metal influence. This is music made with very little “master plan”, besides just experiencing the catharsis ov it’s creation. No rules or guidelines with which to tether it down to something more familiar to modern human ears. Just a haunting trip which surrounds you with ugly beauty at every turn.

so this is pretty exciting. we should have copies in the next weeks coming. stay tuned for the weird show….



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