UP.FROM.THE.DEPTHS…… new aktion on the SATANIK FRONT!!


it has been a minute since i have updated this blog, but i am here to let you know that all is well, and there is much SataniK goodness in store for you.

right now, i am proud to introduce the release ov HOT GRAVES’ “Goatshed Deathrash Annihilation: Rehearsal Shed Demo 2008” in CDR format, complete with printed covers and protective resealable plastic bag packaging. 11 doom-beat hymns ov hell, over 10 tracks, with the brand new demo songs “I CLAIM YOUR BLOOD (in the night)” and “F.O.A.D.” being compiled on a single, final track. the recording on this release is in some ways inferior to the D-BEAT DEATH DIRGE Demo (harsher, more raw and stripped down), but to some people that will be the way it is superior to the same release. i know i like it better, truth be told. it’s just more vicious, plus it has Dustin’s guitar solos on “Draining The Life”, “What Do I Get?”, and “Metalblaster”. features songs from the D-BEAT DEATH DIRGE DEMO re-recorded as they are played now, after months ov fine tuning and rehearsing for optimum deathpunch. total barbaric and bestial. another tombstone to lay your woes upon. fuck yeah.



these CD’s are $6.66 PPD in the US via Paypal, and $9.00 everywhere else.
email biggabaphomet AT yahoo DOT com to order your copy today!!


8 hymns ov hell, the original breath ov death from HOT GRAVES. this demo was recorded as the full line up was being assembled, and features analog tape recorded drums by Matt Graves, and guitar/bass/vocal overdubs by Myk Graves to actualize these deathcrust anthems for eternity. printed covers, and protective plastic resealable bags with printed lyric sheets round out the packaging for this malignant effort, something nice enough to save forever, but gangster enough to be demo status. get a copy if you have not!! you’ll regret it otherwise when i stop making these fuckers. (or you can hold your breath for the cassette tape version, but you might asphyxiate soooooo…)



these CD’s are $6.66 PPD in the US via Paypal, and $9.00 everywhere else.
email biggabaphomet AT yahoo DOT com to order your copy today!!



battle armor for the doom-beat massive. these shrouds printed on the blackest ov black shirts, using a very awesome looking SILVER shiny ink, along with WHITE printed text to illuminate the awesomeness ov this Ttssattsr designed ode to grave desecration, hand screened by Bubolina666. totally fuckin’ sick yet beautifully rendered design. currently, ALL SIZES AVAILABLE!! Dark-Side-ov-the-Force Approved!!

these shirts are $15.00 PPD in the US via Paypal, and $20.00 everywhere else.
email biggabaphomet AT yahoo DOT com to order your shirt today!!
make sure you include your SIZE in your Paypal order as well as to avoid confusion!


i wanted to put together a “Die-Hard” package ov the D-Beat Death Dirge Demo 2008 CD and Cassette version along with the shirt and these awesome coffins… BUT the tapes have yet to make themselves known to me (apparently a box ov 30 were sent… i have not recieved them… more are said to be being printed up now, but who knows?).. so i would like to offer this instead:

1 D-Beat Death Dirge Demo 2008 CDR
1 Goatshed Deathrash Annihilation Rehearsal Shed Demo 2008 CDR
1 Desecration Time T-Shirt
1 Desecration Time Coffin poster (also silkscreened)

all for $25.00 PPD in the USA, $30.00 elsewhere. (shipping is so fucking expensive right now, sorry).
here’s a picture ov what the Coffins look like:

heavy cardboard stained this gnarly blackish color, with the Desecration Time design silkscreened on the front, blood dripping down the back, and hand-numbered out ov 15 (all done by the fortuitous Bubolina666). that’s all there will ever be ov these as well. so a total package for the DOOMBEAT fanatics out there. at least i hope y’all are out there.

at any rate: if you’re interested in this, shoot an email to biggabaphomet AT yahoo DOT com, and we’ll work it on out.

caveman technology photo ov thee entire DIE HARD package:

i need a real camera.

p.s. BUY THIS TOO!!!

BY THE HORNS – Destroy The Horizon CD

the first OFFICIAL release on SataniK Recordings (meaning NOT a Demo) in a fully professional jewel case CD arrangement brings you By The Horns: Melodic-yet-tough-as-nails Death Metal delivered with furious intensity. if you’ve not heard, imagine a swirl ov early AT THE GATES with the melodic sensibilities ov early DISSECTION, mixed with some MAIDEN-esque riffs, all dipped in the DEATH pool. this CD runs the gamut from fast thrashers (“Martyred For Nothing”) to slow, sex-worthy slither-crunchers (“Listen To The Void”), to straight ahead catchy death riff fests (“Hosanna In The Highest”, “Dead To Me”) to all out slaughter-ov-everything anthems (like “Wrestless Wrath” and “Ain Soph Aur”), and even a more beautiful musical moment (“Epiphany”). a totally complete package for the discerning headbanger.


these CD’s are $10.00 PPD in the US via Paypal, and $13.00 everywhere else.
email biggabaphomet AT yahoo DOT com to order your copy today!!

thank a lot for reading all this, i know it’s a lot.

and stay tuned for the RIDIN’ DIRTY FOR THE DEVIL compilation!!


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