well, it has been quite some time and a whole lot ov life upheaval in my personal sphere, and nothing has gotten done that i said would get done. sort ov. i mean, there is always the new BY THE HORNS CD “DESTROY THE HORIZON” that is out that happened, and now the HOT GRAVES “D-BEAT DEATH DIRGE DEMO 2008” Die-Hard package is almost ready to go. so that’s some things. but here’s some new NEW things on the horizon in the imminent future….

HOT GRAVES Goatshed Deathrash Annihilation – Rehearsal Shed Demos 2008 CDR.

this one will be pretty limited i’m thinking. 30/50 copies at MOST. it will contain songs that appear on the D-Beat Death Dirge Demo, but re-recorded as a full live band in the goatshed setting, straight into the laptop. what you get is newer songs, raw aggression, a Discharge cover, Dustin’s awesome solos, the songs the way we play them now, and gnarly necrodudial sound quality that makes for ulitmate thrashability. also included are two brand new multitrack demos ov new songs. tracklisting is as follows:

1. dirge ov the apokalyptik hordes ov the toxic damned (intro)
2. baphomet’s revenge
3. get killed tonight
4. metal*blaster
5. kill for satan
6. rotted
7. draining the life
8. total war
9. what do i get? (discharge cover)
bonus demo tracks:
10. i claim your blood (in the night) / f.o.a.d.

    also on the way:

VARIOUS ARTISTSRidin’ Dirty For the Devil compilation CRD

finally after so much bullshit and waiting and blah blah everything…. RIDIN’ DIRTY will be released for all the fans ov awesome heavy music worldwide. some ov these tracks you wil not find anywhere else, some you will. but this is the FINAL tracklisting:

1. THEE KVLT OV OUROBOROS – necrodudial chasms
2. BY THE HORNS – no paradise for you
3. HOT GRAVES – get killed tonight
4. CIVILIZATION – 6 billion people
5. PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING – after me, disaster
6. INFERNAL STRONGHOLD – overwhelming storms ov loss
8. GATT – involve fire
9. B.BAPHOMET – nyne nyne nyne
10. GRAIL OV THEE GOAT – procession ov the dead clowns (blut aus nord cover)
11. CIVILIZATION – dungeonous trails
12. GATT – shall not suffer
13. HOT GRAVES – metalblaster
14. EVSTIIS – behind the mask

both covers ov these CDs are completed and ready for production. i am currently waiting on a box ov Hot Graves demo tapes from Trevor/Nespithe before i can make the die-hard demo package available for the public, but it will be announced probably this week sometime and will contain the Hot Graves CDR, Cassette, T-Shirt and “Desecration Time” Coffin poster. it’s gonna be sick.

until then… go to http://www.myspace.com/satanikrecordings and check out the bands in our top friends to get yourself psyched for the comp!!!



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