i say “last” because i have no intention ov letting this project die. but this show was indeed the last show ov an era for THEE KVLT. it’s definitely the last time we’ll all four ov us be on the stage together. more than likely the last show T-DVB will ever do (so he says). he’s moving to St. Augustine to start working at the tattoo parlour he’s been apprenticing at for the last year or so, and Chris is moving to NYC to do the damn thang up there. if Jamie don’t move, well you know it’s on like Donkey Kong. we will still record shit, and we’ll do the damn thang in some way/shape/form. THEE KVLT MUST PREVAIL.

anyways, this last show was at Wayward Council, a D.I.Y. punk rawk record/zine/whatever store. very cool people for letting us do shows there for awhile now, and we’ve always had a blast there. anyways, this show had OWLS OF MINERVA, who are an instrumental band along the lines ov MONO, Godspeed…, etc. except there’s one interesting thing about them: THEY’RE NOT SO FUCKING BORING. yeah, they managed to reel it in a bit and make the thing fluid and drifting. very nice. then IRONING got up to do his set, and after some technical difficulties and whatnot, he got his thrumm underway. it was mighty and majestic. hell yes. thanks, andrew!!! he also added extra noise and black madness to THEE KVLT’s set via his weirdo tape set up (recording bits ov the set and the crowd along the way and making deranged tape loops out ov them) while simultaneously documenting the whole affair via hand held video camera. fuckin’ double timing it! way to go, bub. and many thanks.

THEE KVLT’s set was maybe one ov our best ever. we played DOOMED FROM BIRTH (with the mega drone intro bit extending well beyond it’s normal happenstance), THEE HORDE DESCENDS, BLACK CANCER, BURNED TO CINDERS, LONG GONE (that weedeater cover), and we ended with the most thundering and massive performance ov SERPENTINE HAIKU ever. i mean, EVER. perfect way to play my last show with my brothers Tom, Chris, and Jamie. here’s some pics via our beloved archpriestess Jana. don’t use these without asking her permission. her info is on them in you need it. thanks.

thanks to everyone who came out, threw beers, got very sweaty, threw down in the funnest pit ever, destroyed the freshly painted floor at wayward, gave hugs, gave drugs, and all that good stuff. it was supremely awesomer than heck, and it’s good to know motherfuckers care.

until the next time.



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